Woman Fatally Shot

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The District Attorney has released footage from a Saturday, March 9 fatal deputy-involved shooting of an Ashland City woman who was on her way to the hospital for mental health concerns.

The body and dash cam video shows that when Sgt. Ivey arrived on the scene, Beth Plant, mother of world champion boxer and Ashland City native, Caleb Plant, was standing outside of an ambulance with a knife in hand.

Plant, 51, slowly walks with the knife as the deputy instructs her to drop it multiple times.

Plant can be heard saying “just please stay away from me,” in the video as she begins to slowly walk toward the deputy. Ivey, who begins to walk backwards, continues his instructions to drop the knife and says “I will (expletive) shoot you” and then after one more warning, shoots her twice.

Plant later died at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville as a result of the injuries, according to a release from Ray Crouch, the district attorney.

Crouch determined that based on the facts and evidence, Ivey’s “use of deadly force was justified,” according to the release. Sheriff Mike Breedlove has also defended the actions of the deputy, writing that Plant “was closing in on the deputy” in a March 10 Facebook post.

Body-cam footage from earlier in the evening shows a friend of Plant’s, who was letting her stay in her home, requested help from law enforcement. Plant had been acting extremely unusual, including crying constantly, not responding when spoken to, breaking into the woman’s bedroom  and complaining of feeling weak, she said in the video.

“I’ve known her for 10 or more years,” the woman said in the video, “for the past few days she just has not been herself at all.”